Storage Units – How to Use Your Storage Unit

Our Muskegon, MI storage units are state-of-the art, safe, secure, and competitively priced. How you use the space is up to you, but there are ways you can maximize your storage unit.

Here are some strategies that can help you use your storage well:

Don’t skimp on packing. While you can throw things into garbage bags or pack them loosely, it is to your advantage to pack things well in sturdy boxes that will protect your possessions. Taking the time to sort items, pack carefully, and label boxes now will save you time when you want to retrieve specific items later. You don’t even have to go searching for moving boxes because we sell packing materials at our Muskegon, MI storage unit’s supply store. Drop by for tape, quality moving boxes, and protective wrap from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays and from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays.

Pack well. Heavy things should be packed into the bottom of boxes (and don’t pack enormous boxes that you won’t be able to move easily – several small heavy boxes are much easier to stack and move than one enormous heavy one!). Wrap delicates and breakables well and put them on top or in their own, smaller boxes that are clearly marked fragile or “this end up.”

Think about what you use the most. Pack the things you aren’t going to access very often together and keep the items you’re going to want to get often in other boxes. Then when you stack them in your Muskegon, MI storage unit, you can also make sure that the things you will need least often are at the back along the bottom, and the things you will want are easy to find and remove.

Protect your valuables. Wrap china and breakable items in bubble wrap, newspaper, or soft cloth. Cushion large items that could be scratched or scuffed by wrapping them in bubble wrap, plastic, blankets, or mattress covers.

Use existing spaces to your advantage. If you’re storing a dresser or suitcase, pack the drawers with things like towels or table cloths or small accessories. Trash can? It’s a great place to hold umbrellas or gardening tools until you need them. Storing furniture? Take time to remove the legs, stack chairs, and collapse what you can, and you’ll have much more space than storing items whole. Put the hardware required to put things back together into plastic bags that you can attach to the furniture so you don’t have to hunt for them some future day!

Clean appliances before storing them. Minimize work for later and make sure that if you’re storing a fridge, freezer, or stove, that it’s clean. You don’t want to leave moisture or debris to fester and mold! Make sure that fridge or freezer doors are propped open a crack so that air can circulate inside and discourage growth of mold or mildew.

Be safe. If you’re storing gas-powered appliances or equipment, make sure that you don’t leave any fuel inside. Storing flammable, hazardous, or explosive materials is never a good idea (and it is usually against state law!). Similarly, don’t take risks with how you stack boxes and items. Be mindful that items are stacked well and securely to prevent risk of injury or damage to your possessions.

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