Storage Units for Kid Stuff

Parenting books can’t really prepare you for the amount of stuff that makes each step and stage a little more manageable – let alone the myriad clothes, toys, and other keepsakes! Our Muskegon, MI storage company has some tips to keep the kid stuff from taking over every space in sight.

Some of us remember saying that before having children, we wouldn’t use a baby swing or an exersaucer because, after all, our parents didn’t have such luxuries and we turned out okay. And then along came the baby who didn’t need as much sleep as the parents, and, wow, did we welcome having such blissful contraptions as play activity centers to give our arms a little rest.

Now, if our children stayed one size, we’d be fine! But they don’t. And in the blink of an eye, you don’t need that once indispensable item for now; but you don’t want to sell it either because you know you’ll want it for the next little one – or maybe the next generation, or a family member.

Before you know it, your living space looks like self-storage as you try to find spots to keep those outgrown clothes, toys, and accessories that will be useful again – plus all the items gifted or shared with you that don’t fit quite yet. Not to mention the keepsakes, seasonal items and outdoor toys (that big plastic pool that keeps everyone happy all summer suddenly seems mammoth when you need to put it away for the winter!).

Oh – and then there’s remembering where to find those size six clothes before the child no longer fits it!

Storing children’s gear doesn’t need to be a major tax on your free space and memory. Our well-constructed, clean, and secure self-storage facility in Muskegon, MI offers units starting at just $34 a month. They range in size from 10 X 6 to 10 X 31; and we sell moving and storage supplies like boxes and packing materials so getting your items organized is even easier.

One of the most efficient ways to approach clutter is to decide what to keep, what to store, and what to give away (or throw out).  Rent just the space you require for storing kids’ stuff somewhere other than under your feet or bed! Some parents will set aside one day to tackle household clutter while others may work on one room a day until it’s done. Either way works since our Muskegon, MI self-storage is open 365 days a year from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Doesn’t more space for living sound great for your family? Contact us at Eagle Store & Lock to rent self-storage in Muskegon, MI for short- or long-term period